This is the second and final year in the transition phase to full-scale baseball. By the end of the year, the kids will be playing youth league-style baseball, with only minor modifications. The kids will be pitching, bunting, stealing, and we will begin using a real baseball. Other concepts added or enhanced will include walks, hit batters, overthrows, live ball and development of position skills. 9-year-old baseball will have its disorganized moments as the kids try to master these new skills, but it is part of the process and we will try to minimize that potential. There are still many concepts that remain restricted from this phase of baseball which will come in later years – such as: taking leads, balks, passed balls, and the infield fly rule.

The goal this year is to continue to introduce and teach new skills to the kids, refining those introduced in the last few years, further increase their levels of awareness and responsibility within the game by again expanding the range of potential outcomes on the field and moderately turning up the competitive level another notch. All registered players are drafted on to teams after participating in evaluations. Games are played at Wall Park. Pinto League provides advanced instruction which transitions players from the simplified rules used in lower ages groups to the more complex play of real baseball. Standings are kept and league playoffs are held at the end of the regular season.

The 9-year old tournament teams are selected to compete in our IFPAA tournaments and other local tournaments.

Mark Wilcox, Commissioner -- See Contact List (.PDF)